Easy DIY Penguin Card with Googly Eyes!

This is an easy penguin card that you can make with black card, orange and white paper, googly eyes, and red tape!

What you will need

  • Black card
  • Orange card
  • White card
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Red tape (or red card)

Of course, you can get creative with this, and not all of these are mandatory!


  1. Get your black card and fold either horizontally or vertically.

  2. Get your orange card and cut out a triangle for the beak.

  3. Get more orange card and draw two feet, one for left and one for right.

  4. For extra effect, get your red card or your glitter tape and cut two circles to make the penguin extra cute.

  5. Finally, Open it up! As it is black card, you can stick a bit of white card in the center. Stick this on with your lovely glitter tape and write a nice message to your loved ones.


This is a perfect card for giving to kids or adults. Everybody loves penguins!

Easy DIY Penguin Card with Googly Eyes! 1-5 screenshot

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