Easy Flower Button Decoration for Kids

This is a nice easy button decoration for kids that can be made with any type of buttons, a piece of hessian, felt, scissors, and glue!

What you will need

  • One large button
  • 10 smaller buttons
  • Green felt
  • Hessian
  • Glue
  • Scissors

We will make a nice quick and easy flower button decoration.


  1. Get some Hession and cut into a small strip.

  2. Then get your big button and stick this in the middle.

  3. With your other 10 buttons, stick them around the big circle to make a flower shape.

  4. Get your green felt and cut a long stem with the triangle on the outside.

  5. Stick on your green felt at the bottom to make a flower.

  6. Add a bee or any other piece of your choosing to this.

  7. Cut out the white paper.

You now have a nice colorful Button Decoration!

Thank you for reading.

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