Frankenstein Monster Treat Bag Craft For Halloween

This Halloween-Themed DIY Frankenstein Monster Treat Bag Craft is fantastic! It’s really easy to make, and it may be constructed from either card or paper! Making your own Frankenstein is simple with a few steps. I hope you enjoy creating crafts this holiday season.

What you will need 

  • Green paper/card
  • Black paper/card
  • White paper/card
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker


  1. Take your green card and fold it in half. Attaching both sides of the paper together, and leaving a gap for the candy in the middle.

  2. Next, trace and cut out circles from your white paper.

  3. With your marker, draw a dot in each eye and stick on the eyes

  4. Next, cut out a zig-zag pattern across the top for Frankenstein’s hair

  5. Prepare a long strip of black card, a short strip, a black circle for the nose, and two rectangles for the ears.

  6. Stick them all to a green card.

  7. Next, make little lines from the mouth to make your Frankenstein craft scary.

  8. Fold two pieces of the green card back and forth to form a zigzag pattern for the legs of the Frankenstein.

  9. Then cut out two feet from the black paper.

  10. Both should be stuck to the bottom of the bag.

  11. Then staple two pipe cleaners together for the handle of your treat bag.

  12. Then your homemade Frankenstein Monster treat bag is complete!


What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a DIY Frankenstein Monster Treat Bag Craft!

This craft is super easy and can be made from either card or paper! Just a few steps to create your own Frankenstein!

I hope you enjoy being creative and have a happy Halloween.


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