Friendly Monster Craft for Kids

This is a fun craft made out of felt and paper! All kids love making monster crafts at some stage, so why not make your own one.

What you will need

  • Yellow and black felt
  • White paper
  • Blue and red card
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate


  1. Cut a circle shape out of a paper plate. Trace this onto yellow felt and cut.

  2. Then get your white paper and trace out three small circles for your monster’s eyes. Draw a small dot in each circle.

  3. Stick the three eyes onto your felt.

  4. Then cut out your mouth for the monster with the black felt.

  5. Get some more yellow felt and cut out three triangles for the monster’s teeth. Stick these to your black felt (mouth). Stick your mouth onto the yellow felt.

  6. Get your blue card and draw two strips and cut them out. Fold both strips up and down. Then cut two triangle shapes to make it look like the monster’s hands. Stick on as the monster’s arms.

  7. Then get your red card and repeat step 6 directions and stick on as his legs.

Then you have your lovely Friendly Monster!


What a fun craft!

This is a fun craft and once you know how to make one monster you can go on and make many more! 

Monsters can be a bit scary for some kids but monster crafts can be made to be friendly and happy so let’s show this to kids.

If you have any friendly monsters to share please send them on to my kid’s gallery on my website!


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