How To Make A Christmas Robin Paper Plate Craft For Kids

Here is a super cute paper plate craft Christmas decoration that you and your kids will have a ball making!

What you will need

  • Paper plate
  • Brown felt
  • Red felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Goggly eyes
  • Christmas ribbon
  • Glue 
  • Scissors


  1. Make a circle out of your paper plate

  2. Apply brown felt to the circle

  3. For the robin’s belly, cut out some red felt.

  4. Put on your googly eyes

  5. Cut out the beak from yellow felt and stick it under your googly eyes.

  6. Cut oval shapes from red felt for the robin’s wings

  7. Cut out some smaller oval shapes from the brown felt.

  8. Make robin’s wings by sticking the red and brown felt together

  9. Add some Christmas ribbon to the top of the robin

  10. Then you have made your own christmas robin!


You can make this cute decoration with your kids in your classroom or home.

Also, you can see in the video that I made a larger robin, which was a lot of fun.

It is super fun to work with felt and your craft will last much longer than paper. Felt also gives your craft a very beautiful effect.


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