How To Make A Peacock Craft Using a Toilet Roll Tube

Make a fun craft using paint, bubble wrap, toilet roll tubes, paper plates, and much more!

What you will need 

  • Paper plate 
  • Toilet roll tube
  • Blue felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Foam paper
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Art feathers
  • Blue and purple paint
  • Sponge or roller 
  • Bubble wrap


  1. Cover your bubble wrap with blue and purple paint with a sponge or roller.

  2. Press the bubble wrap into your paper plate so it is covered with nice bubble wrap paint.

  3. Put this aside to dry.

  4. You can cover your toilet roll tube with blue felt .

  5. Add a triangle of yellow foam or paper for the peacock’s beak.

  6. Add googly eyes.

  7. Get some pipe cleaners and loop them into a loop and place them on the paper plate.

  8. Get your paper plate and cut it in half.

  9. Attach the toilet roll tube with the felt to the paper plate.

  10. After that, add the pipe cleaners and as many feathers you like.

  11. Then your Peacock is ready!


There are lots of different steps to enjoy in doing this craft, making it as creative as you like!

Just remember if you don’t have all of the material then you can swap it for something else or make your own version!


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