How to Make a Unicorn Craft For Kids

For this craft, you will learn how to make a unicorn from a toilet paper roll. You will need the materials below and will learn the process of making it, and see step-by-step guidelines and pictures of each step in this article. This is a fun and cute project for kids!

What you will need

  • Pink, blue, and white felt
  • Pipe cleaners (a mix of colours) 
  • Black marker
  • Toilet roll
  • Cardboard 
  • Crepe paper


  1. Cover your toilet roll with blue felt.

  2. Make two ears out of white felt. Then cut out small pieces of pink felt for the inside of the ears.

  3. Stick some crepe paper on some cardboard and cut out a triangle for the unicorn’s horn.

  4. You can stick your unicorn horn up to the top of the toilet roll in the middle of your too ears.

  5. You can use your marker to draw on the eyes.

  6. Cut out two circles from pink felt for the unicorn’s eyes.

  7. Twist a few pipe cleaners together then stick them on top of the unicorn for the hair.

  8. Add some more pipe cleaners to the back of the unicorn to make the tail.

  9. Then you will have created your own unicorn!


This is a great activity to do with some gorgeous details to add. You may also want to include more hair or pipe cleaners.

You may also paint your unicorn any color you choose, such as pink or blue.

This is a very popular craft! Check out the kid’s gallery page for some other unique ideas for some very talented 12-year-olds.


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