How To Make A Lollipop Shamrock Craft for Kids

Are you searching for a fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day activity for your kids? Why not instead of buying, make some pop-shaped shamrocks? This is a fantastic craft for everyone, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Continue reading to learn how to produce your own lollypop shamrocks.

What you will need

  • Green paper
  • Orange paper
  • White paper
  • Green lollipop stick
  • Orange lollipop stick 
  • Marker
  • Glue 
  • Scissors


  1. Put your orange and green papers on top of each other and draw a shamrock.

  2. Cut out the two shamrocks. 

  3. Trace two circles on white paper and cut out.

  4. Add a dot to a white circle for your eyes on your shamrocks. Then stick your eyes on.

  5. Add a smile to your shamrocks and glue on your lollipop sticks.


This article provides instructions on how to make a lollipop shamrock craft for kids. It is a simple and easy activity that can be completed in a few minutes.

The shamrocks are made out of orange and green paper and have lollipop sticks glued on top of them. They also have eyes and a grin drawn on them.

Be sure to find the best place for your decorations and set them up early. You could even get them ready in time for the parade!

This is a great craft to make and a fun toy for your kids to play with.

Hope you enjoyed this St.Patrick’s Day craft for kids.


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