How To Make A Minion Toilet Roll Craft For Kids

Make this fun minion craft and toy with your kids. Get some felt, toilet roll tubes, glue and you’re ready to go!

If you’re searching for arts and crafts ideas to keep your kids occupied this weekend, we’ve got the ideal project for them. They’ll enjoy creating their very own Minion toilet roll craft! In this brief video instruction, I’ll demonstrate how to turn a toilet paper tube into a cute Minion. This creative and fun activity would be perfect for children aged three years old but may also be done by youngsters as young as two!

What you will need

  • Toilet roll tube
  • Felt (black, blue, red, grey)
  • Cotton makeup pad 
  • Yellow crepe paper 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 


  1. Take your cotton makeup pad and your grey felt and trace and cut out a circle.

  2. Apply your white makeup pad to your grey circle to make the minions’ eyes. With your Marker add a dot on the inside of the makeup pad.

  3. Cover your toilet roll with yellow crepe paper.

  4. Put your minion’s eye on the toilet roll

  5. To make them look like glasses, add a black line from one side of the eye to the other.

  6. With your red felt, cut out the month and stick it on.

  7. Using your blue felt, cut and stick the clothes on the minion

  8. As a last step, cut out two feet and stick them to the bottom of the toilet roll tube.

  9. You have now created your own minion!


This is a cute and creative craft that your kids will enjoy making. 

When you’re done, your kid will have a new toy to play with!

Using felt for this craft will make it last longer, and if you use strong glue, you will have a long lasting minion craft.


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