How To Make A Spring Daffodil Card

Spring is an excellent time to explore art and crafting. The spring season is one of the most popular times for children to create cards, daffodils, or other items pertaining to the season.

This is a simple and charming daffodil spring card with easy-to-follow instructions.

Get ready for spring with this colorful card. Daffodils are in bloom and the days are growing longer!

What you will need

  • Cream card
  • Hession
  • Green lollipop stick 
  • Yellow pipe cleaners
  • Yellow paper 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 


  1. Take your cream card and fold it in half. Add a strip of Hession and cut it out to make a nice thin card.

  2. Attach your green lollipop stick to your Hession.

  3. Take a yellow pipe cleaner and twist it into a circle. See video for more demonstration. 

  4. Next, draw four petals and cut them out.

  5. Stick your petals around the pipe cleaners.


This article provides instructions on how to make a spring daffodil card. The project is simple and easy to follow and requires minimal materials.

All you need is a cream card, green lollipop stick, yellow pipe cleaner, and scissors.

A lovely spring card to create!

Hope you enjoyed this craft. 


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