How to Make a Valentines Butterfly Craft for Kids

This is a fun little butterfly craft that you can make using some red card, pink card, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, scissors.

This craft is a great way to have your kids make something for Valentine’s day. It also works as a cute decoration in the home. This craft is easy to make, using some items that you probably already have at home. This crafts project won’t take long to complete once you have everything ready. You can use any colors of card that you like, but red and pink work best for Valentine.

You can even add some sticky gems to it if you have some!

What you will need

  • Red card
  • Pink card or paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Gems


  1. Draw four hearts with your red card and cut them out.

  2. Stick your four hearts on top of each other.

  3. Get your pipe cleaners and cut two small pieces out.

  4. Then get your pipe cleaners and stick them to the top heart.

  5. Get your googly eyes and make a smile with your marker to make the butterfly’s face.

  6. Draw out a heart on your pink paper. Double side your paper and cut out two hearts.

  7. Turn your butterfly around and stick on your two pink hearts for the wings.

  8. For an extra effect if you use gems. Stick these on the wings to brighten them!


This is a simple and easy craft project that children can do for Valentine’s Day. It is a great way to show your affection for someone special. The butterfly crafts are always popular, and this one is especially cute with a smiley face. You can use any colors you want, but red and pink work well together. Be sure to have googly eyes on hand if you want to give your butterfly some eyes. These crafts are perfect for classroom activities or just fun at home with the kids. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

If you have any creations you would like to share please drop me a message and I will share them on the gallery page!


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