How To Make A Valentine’s Day Scrabble Card for Kids

Making this Valentine’s Day scrabble card is a wonderful way to show your loved one how much you care. All you need are some scrabble letters and a glue stick, as well as a little imagination!

What you will need

  • Cream paper
  • String
  • Three pegs
  • Red felt
  • Tag or cardboard
  • Scrabble letters (or you can make these yourself)


  1. Fold your cream card in half.

  2. Then get your glue and glue a tiny dot on each side of the paper.

  3. Then get your string and glue it to both sites. Try to keep straight.

  4. When you get your tag, stick on your scrabble letters. L O V E for love.

  5. Stick the tag onto the string using a wooden peg.

  6. Then get your red felt and draw two red hearts

  7. Cut out the heart shapes.

  8. Get your small little pegs and put them on the string on the left side and the right side of the tag.

  9. To finish off the card with a nice effect, get a stamp of your flowers, butterflies, or whatever you have, and put it on the bottom corners of the card.

That is your Valentine’s Day Scrabble card!


Make a scrabble card for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. All you need is some creativity and the supplies to make this lovely valentine’s day present! It’ll also be simple to construct, thanks to these step-by-step directions I’ve included. This is such a nice and simple card to make for Valentine’s day.

Remember, if you do not have Scrabble letters, you can substitute this with cardboard instead. If you have no felt then use paper instead of it.

There’s always something else in your art room or art box that you can replace with what I have in my videos!

Share with me your creations and I will put them up in the gallery.

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