Easy DIY Craft Christmas Stocking Card with Pegs

This is a nice Christmas card that you can create with some simple materials. As always, if you don’t have all the pieces then you can swap them out with whatever you have.

What you will need

  • White card and red card
  • Glue
  • String or twine
  • Scissors
  • Craft wooden pegs
  • Tape


  1. Get a piece of white card and fold it in half.

    Easy Christmas Stocking Card with Pegs! 0-6 screenshot

  2. (Optional) Get your Christmas stamps or stencils and make two Christmas trees on the bottom of the page.

    This adds a nice effect to the bottom of your card.
    Easy Christmas Stocking Card with Pegs! 0-20 screenshot (1)

  3. Get some string and measure it to the length of the page.

    Get your glue gun and put some glue on each side. Stick that on nice and firmly. Make sure it’s not over the edge.

  4. Then get some nice red card and draw a stocking.

    You can draw as many of these as you want.
    Easy Christmas Stocking Card with Pegs! 0-27 screenshot

  5. Cut out each of your stockings.

    Easy Christmas Stocking Card with Pegs! 0-33 screenshot

  6. Get some white tape (or cotton wool) and stick that at the top of the stocking.

  7. Stick the stockings onto your string using wooden pegs.

    Easy Christmas Stocking Card with Pegs! 0-52 screenshot


That’s my easy Christmas stocking with pegs creation. If you are doing this yourself then feel free to get creative and add your own creations to this.

At the end of my video above, I have also created another with mittens instead of stockings. I put some stamps on the mittens for extra effect!

Easy Christmas Stocking Card with Pegs! 0-59 screenshot

Also, if you’d like to build up the card, you can add more to the scene, such as a little fireplace underneath. It’s totally up to you!

If you would like to send me your beautiful creations, I can put them in my gallery!

Also, remember that if you do not have any of the materials I use then you can get creative with whatever you have. For example, you can change your rope to string or your card to paper. If you don’t have the right color card then you can use paint. Don’t forget to let it dry! Also, you can make your own pegs.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this how-to guide. I hope that you can make some nice cards for your loved ones this Christmas.

Thanks so much for reading.

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