Thanksgiving Turkey Toilet Roll Crafts For Kids

Make a quick and easy Thanksgiving turkey craft using a toilet roll tube. Celebrate Thanksgiving by making a nice craft with your kids!

What you will need 

  • Toilet roll tube
  • Colorful felt
  • Brown paper
  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Glue 
  • Scissors


  1. Cover your toilet roll tube with brown paper

  2. Draw a large circle for the head and cut it out

  3. Cut out two smaller circles for the eyes.

  4. Add the dots with a pencil in the middle.

  5. Make the turkey’s beak by cutting a triangle from orange felt

  6. Cut out the below shape from red felt for the turkey’s wattle

  7. Put the eyes, beak, and wattle on the brown circle

  8. Attach this to the main toilet roll tube.

  9. For the turkey’s wings, cut and stick on your other colorful felt.

  10. As a result, you have a fun turkey craft for Thanksgiving that can also be used as a puppet!


This is a fun craft to do at home or in pre-school or kindergarten. It includes lots of fun steps with cutting and sticking exercises that will be beneficial for kids.

Thanksgiving is a great occasion with the family. When you make this craft with your kids, why not share all your knowledge about this fantastic day? 

Wishing you and your family a happy thanksgiving,


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