Easter Hen Finger Puppet For Kids

Easter is a time for good family fun, which can’t be beaten by making your own Easter decorations. These hand puppets are an excellent craft for kids of all ages. They’re simple to make and may be used as decorations or played with as toys. So bring the kids together and get started on these cute little hens!

What you will need 

  • Red, yellow and white felt
  • Goggly eyes 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors


  1. Trace a circle on your white felt and cut it out.

  2. Make a comb and a wattle out of red felt and stick them to your hen’s head.

  3. With your yellow felt cut out a diamond shape for the hen’s beak.

  4. Add your googly eyes.

  5. Glue a bit of yellow felt onto the back of the felt, leaving a hole for your fingers in between. 


This is a simple Easter finger puppet that kids may make with their parents for the holidays.

Puppet play is all about using your imagination and creating things out of nothing through play.

The content above offers instructions on how to construct an Easter chicken finger puppet. White felt can be used to make the puppet, which features a red comb and wattle, as well as a yellow beak and googly eyes if desired.

I’m sure your kid will love this hen puppet. Below is a pic of a fun rabbit puppet you could also make!


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