Easter Treat Bag Craft For Kids

You can make this craft to hold some yummy Easter treats from the Easter bunny!

What you will need 

  • Yellow paper 
  • Orange paper
  • Egg carton 
  • Black marker
  • Orange felt 
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler


  1. Take a yellow piece of paper. Trace and cut out two circles. 

  2. Leave an open gap at the top for your treats to pass through.

  3. Next, with your orange paper, trace your handprint twice for the bird’s wings. 

  4. Then stick your wings on the chick’s body.

  5. Then cut out a diamond shape for a pop-up chick’s beak and stick it on.

  6. Cut two circles from your egg carton.

  7. Fill in the deep circle area of your egg carton using a black marker.

  8. On some orange paper, using a ruler, draw two straight lines and fold them over to make zig-zag patterns for bird legs. 

  9. After you have stuck on the bird’s legs cut out a piece of orange felt and stick it on the top as the handle for your treat bag.


This is a nice and detailed craft to make to collect your treats the Easter bunny has hidden in your garden or house. 

It’s a fun activity to make before the hunt begins!

This includes lots of cutting and tracing that your kids are sure to enjoy and benefit from.

Happy Easter to you and enjoy a wonderful break!

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