Easy Lion Craft For Kids

This is a lovely lion craft for your kids. It’s a great fit when you’re looking for crafts within your zoo or wild animal themes. Felt and toilet paper tube rolls are used in this fun craft.

What you will need 

  • Yellow felt
  • Orange felt
  • Black felt
  • Toilet roll tube 
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors 
  • Sellotape


  1. Cut out a circle from your yellow felt.

  2. Cut out the shape of mouth from the black felt.

  3. Attach your mouth to the yellow circle. To finish the lion’s face, add googly eyes, or just create eyes from whatever materials you have.

  4. Draw a flower shape on the orange felt for your lion’s mane.

  5. Cut out your lion’s mane and glue the lion’s face to the middle.

  6. Next, cover your toilet roll in yellow felt to make the lion’s body.

  7. Stick the lion’s head on the toilet roll.

  8. Stick an orange triangle and a yellow strip of felt together to make the lion’s tail.

  9. That’s it! You’ve created your lion craft. Here are two of them together!


Making this lion craft is a lot of fun with fun details you can add. 

The paper version would also work if you don’t have felt. 

Hope you had fun getting creative


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