How to Make a Love Bird Craft (Paper Plate Crafts)

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and affection, and what could be more loving than making a beautiful craft project with your loved one? This simple tutorial will show you how to make a love bird out of a paper plate, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

What you will need

  • Paper plate
  • Crepe paper
  • Red pipe cleaners
  • Yellow and orange paper
  • 1 googly eye 
  • Glue
  • Scissors 


  1. Cut your paper plate in half and cover it with glue.

  2. Cut your crepe paper into small pieces with your hands and stick them to a paper plate. Cover the paper plate. 

  3. Use your yellow paper to cut out a triangle shape for your bird’s beak.

  4. Then cut out Y shapes from the orange paper, these will make the bird’s feet.

  5. Stick your yellow beak and feet to the paper plate.

  6. Put on your googly eye.

  7. Make two heart shapes from the red pipe cleaners and stick them on the paper plate to make your bird’s wings.


This is an easy and fun love bird craft made from a paper plate. It’s a nice craft to make for Valentine’s day. This is a fun project to do as a last-minute gift for Valentine’s Day! It’s super for a homemade gift or decoration in your home.

To make a paper plate bird, cut the paper plate in half and cover it with glue. Cut small pieces of pink crepe paper and put them on the top of the paper plate. Use your yellow paper to cut out a beak and two Y shapes for feet. Stick the pieces together to make a bird. Put on googly eyes and use your pipe cleaners to add red hearts as wings!

Tearing up the crepe paper is a good exercise for your child’s fine motor skills and pencil grip.

It is also a lot of fun, and many kids enjoy getting messy while making their creations.

You can also turn your bird over and write your own message inside.


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