Mother’s Day Craft -Present Flower Pot

An easy and beautiful gift for your mother this Mother’s Day. It’s super fast to make and fun!

What you will need

  • Brown felt – light and dark
  • Green felt
  • Purple, pink and lilac paper 
  • Cardboard
  • Scrabble Letters
  • Glue 
  • Scissors


  1. Grab your cardboard and draw out a flower pot. 

  2. You need to cut out your flowerpot and stick the dark felt to the bottom.

  3. Get your green felt and cut out three strips. Place your flower pot aside.

  4. Take your purple, pink, and lilac paper and cut out an oval shape for your flower.

  5. Make your flowers complete by sticking your flowers onto the strips of green felt.

  6. Next, take your flower pot and stick your flowers to the back.

  7. For the top of your flower pot, cut a strip of light felt and stick it on.

  8. Then add on your scrabble letter  MOM LOVE YOU.


Make this beautiful flower pot for your mother this Mother’s Day. 

You can write your message on the pot’s back to turn it into her card as well as a present.

The flowers can also be colored differently. The felt may be replaced with paper, colour cards, markers, or paint.

It is my hope that you enjoyed this craft and that your mother was pleased with her gift. 


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