How To Make A Shamrock Man Craft for Kids

Are you looking for a creative and easy St. Patrick’s Day project for your kids? This simple shamrock man lesson is exactly what you’re looking for! With just a few basic items, you can help your children make an adorable paper shamrock guy celebrate the occasion. Have fun with it!

What you will need

  • Green card 
  • Light green paper
  • White paper
  • Orange card
  • Yellow felt or card
  • Marker


  1. Get your green card and draw a shamrock shape. See the video above for more details on how to draw this. 

  2. Cut out your shamrock.

  3. Then take your orange card and draw four lines on the page.

  4. Cut these out and fold back and forward to create a zig-zag pattern.

  5. With your white paper, trace out the circles for his eyes and cut them out along with a dot in the middle.

  6. Stick your eyes on and draw a smile onto your shamrock.

  7. Add his arms and legs with the orange card.

  8. Then, with the light green paper, draw a hat for the top of your shamrock man. Add some yellow felt in the centre for decoration.

  9. Stick on your hat to complete your Shamrock man

There you have it – the shamrock man!


What a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day project you may complete for yourself!

You may tailor the design to your liking and include a hat or other accessories!

This is a simple activity that youngsters will enjoy doing. He might also be lots of fun to interact with.

Have a wonderful day filled with fun and pleasure!


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